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Are LUUM Tablet Wrappers Recyclable?

Posted by Ioana Costello on
Are LUUM Tablet Wrappers Recyclable?

The wrappers used to protect our tablets is made of a multi-layer PET and EVOH/PE plastic film, which is not recyclable and should be placed in the trash bin.  This film creates a moisture barrier and protects the tablet from oxidation, which is required to maintain shelf life.  While we prioritize using the most sustainable packaging options, when making the decision about our tablets, we also had to weigh other sustainability factors.  Here’s why we made this decision:

  • We were not able to find any adequate film options that were curbside recyclable and we do not believe that one exists on the market. Typically, this includes plastics #1 - #5.  Plastics labeled #6 and #7 are not curbside recyclable, and can contaminate the entire bin if incorrectly recycled. Carefully read your labels and recycle appropriately.
  • We identified only one certified-compostable packaging option; however, this material was only available through suppliers overseas and we believed strongly in manufacturing our tablets in the US. Not only are we supporting US-based small businesses, but we are significantly reducing our carbon footprint from transport emissions.
  • The plastics used in our film are all curbside recyclable on their own, but when multiple layers are used to create a film, it is no longer recyclable. While this can seem like an unstainable option, multi-layer films can prove to be sustainable in different ways.  The use of multiple ultra-thin layers creates a very lightweight moisture barrier, which extends product shelf life and reduces product waste. It also requires fewer raw materials, contributing to lower CO emissions during transport. 
  • Recycling is not a perfect solution. It is estimated that only 9% of plastics are actually recycled.  By introducing a reusable model into the home cleaning space, we hope to reduce waste by encouraging our customers to use less and re-use more!

We continue to work closely with our manufacturing partners to stay on top of the latest technology in packaging and plan to utilize the most sustainable options as they become available.  If you know of a better alternative to our current packaging, please contact us!