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Safe Ingredients

7 simple household ingredients. No artificial dyes, fragrance or anything else. See the full list.

Elevated Design

Refillable glass bottles designed to be left on your countertop, not hidden under the sink.

Natural Fragrance

From 100% pure essential oils.

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How It Works


All Purpose Cleaning Starter Kit$44.00

Our home cleaning starter kit is an elevated alternative to single-use plastic spray cleaners and harsh, toxic ingredients.

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'For Everything' All Purpose Cleaner Tablet Refills$14.00

Our For Everything cleaning tablets are as safe as your DIY home cleaner, with less hassle and more power.

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No. 1 Citrus Blend Essential Oil - 15ml$18.00

LUUM No. 01 is a citrus blend of pink grapefruit, wild orange, sweet orange and lemon.

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All Purpose Cleaning Starter Kit$44.00

Our home cleaning starter kit is an elevated alternative to single-use plastic spray cleaners and harsh, toxic ingredients.

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One tablet for

Greasy countertops, grimy tiles, sticky high chairs & scummy faucets


Powerful cleaning power with ingredients straight from your pantry


Save space and don't ship around water

Simple, Effective Ingredients



(Acetic Acid)
Natural, all-purpose cleaning agent known for its ability to remove grease, hard water deposits and stains. Effective on tough messes in both your kitchen and bathroom.

Citric Acid

A natural substance found in citrus fruits. It is non-toxic, antibacterial, and antiseptic. Used as a pH stabilizer.

Baking Soda

(Sodium Bicarbonate)

A food-grade buffering agent that allows dirt and grease to easily dissolve in water. A natural deodorizer often used in toothpaste, deodorant and many beauty products.

Washing Soda

(Sodium Carbonate)

A naturally occurring compound with powerful degreasing and cleaning properties. Breaks down acidic, fatty and oily substances like food grease and stains on your countertops.


(Sodium Chloride)

Used as a chelating agent to prevent soap scum and other residues.

Coconut-Derived Surfactant

(Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate)

Derived from a fatty acid of coconuts. Used as a surfactant and gentle foaming agent to remove oils and clean surfaces.  Commonly found in shampoos, cleansers, and baby soaps.



Binding agent used to form the tablets.


My new obsession! Can't live without it.

I'm not usually raving about my cleaning spray, but wow! It works and looks great!

Love the clean ingredients and convenience of the tablets. Saves space in my pantry.

Elegant & Durable Glass Bottles

Buy the bottle once and reuse forever.

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Premium Spray Trigger

Designed for ongoing use, our spray trigger has been tested and proven to last.

Protective Sleeve

Absorbs shock and prevents slipping. Easily removed for periodic cleaning and has a perfect snug fit.

Fun Fact

Glass is made from sand, soda ash & limestone. All natural ingredients, just like our tablets.

Fun Fact

Lemon, orange and grapefruit oil have been shown to boost mood & positive thoughts. It's no coincidence we use all 3!

Fun Fact

Research has shown that people who keep a clean home are more physically fit. You're welcome.

Natural Fragrance

Fragrance preferences are as unique as you are. Add a few drops for light fragrance or more for a burst of freshness.

All natural from 100% pure essential oils. No synthetics.