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Our Sourcing

Posted by Ioana Costello on
Our Sourcing

We prioritize partnering with small, independently-owned businesses, just like ours! The majority of our suppliers and manufacturing partners are family-owned businesses based in the USA, with some ingredients and components sourced globally*.


  • Packaging materials (mailers, product boxes, inserts, film) are made in the USA.
  • Our cleaning tablets are manufactured in the USA.
  • The glass bottles are manufactured in Europe and distributed by a partner in the USA.
  • The spray triggers are manufactured in Mexico and distributed by a partner in the USA.
  • The silicone sleeves are manufactured in China.
  • The essential oils are manufactured in the USA with globally sourced ingredients.

We do our very best to source domestically and will pay a premium to work with US suppliers, however, there are factors which prevent us from sourcing exclusively from the US, including manufacturing capabilities and prohibitive costs.

*While many of our components are sourced from partners in the United States, the raw materials likely come from both domestic and global sources. 

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